Hydroponics may simply be described as growing plants with nutrients and water, and without soil. The water must be delivered to the plant root system. The root system may hang directly in the nutrient solution, be misted by it, or can be enclosed within a container which is filled with a substrate [a replacement for soil]. The substrate may consist of many different types of materials, such as perlite,claypebbles (hydroton), growstones, coco or rockwool. Read More..


"ORGANIC GARDENING - the science and art of gardening by incorporating the entire landscape design and environment to improve and maximize the garden soil's health, structure, texture, as well as maximize the production and health of developing plants without using synthethic commercial fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides." Read More..


Aquaponics is a system for farming fish and plants together in a mutually beneficial cycle. Fish produce wastes that turn into nitrates and ammonia. These aren't good for the fish if they build up too much, but they're great fertilizer for plants. As the plants suck up these nutrients, they purify the water, which is good for the fish. Read More..